You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve seen the excerpts. The unveiling of Atlanta's "Queer Moxie" in a film of the same name is nigh, and you can help push it past the finish line.

It’s been exactly a year since filmmaker and Atlanta queer Heather Provoncha let us in on the method behind her madness in this little labor of love. At that time, she was preparing to host an epic variety show featuring some of her “Queer Moxie” documentary subjects.

Now we're down to the wire. With plans to debut the full film here at home in October and at festivals throughout the country next year, Provoncha and co-director Leo Hollen, Jr., released the most revealing look yet at the final product.

Five years in the making, the full-length trailer (video above) offers a fresh, unusual take on such local luminaries as MondoHomo’s Kiki Carr, comedian Brent Star, drag queen Nicole Paige Brooks, playwright-actor Johnny Drago, and burlesque diva Vagina Jenkins. They volley subjects including queer identity, living in the South, and of course the intangible and titular "moxie" that it takes to put the two together.

The sneak peek video also comes as the filmmakers call on LGBT Atlanta to raise the last $10,000 for post-production costs. The Queer Moxie Indiegogo Page offers incentives for donations to help them reach their goal.

“I appreciate all of your praise and encouragement along this journey,” Provoncha says to supporters. “I am proud of this film.”

From what we see here, gay Atlanta will be proud of it too.

Visit Queer Moxie online, follow them on Facebook, and place donations through Indiegogo.