The artqueers and their acolytes came out of the woodwork Friday for the Hogtied party to welcome back gay Atlanta’s own Violet Chachki on her victorious return from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The cinch-waisted queen (top photo, center) held court over the Legendary Children event at Heretic, while fellow LC queens Brigitte Bidet (right), Kryean Kally and more mugged and served as hosts. But it was the creative ensembles in the wall-to-wall crowd befitting Hogtied’s BDSM theme that really ruled the evening. 

A big gay toast to Chachki came late in the night. Everyone raised a glass to Atlanta finally scoring a local winner on the popular TV show. Guest DJ Nark from Seattle headlined, with supplemental beats by local gay favorites Vicki Powell and King Atlas.

Photos by Baccus Studio