Move over, Bianca Del Rio. Fans of "RuPaul's Drag Race" are already speculating on which queens will make it into Season 7. Among the rumors? That gay Atlanta's own crown-snatching queen Violet Chachki made the cast.

RuPaul says she picked her queens for the new season earlier this summer with filming apparently starting about the same time that several popular queens around the country went quiet on social media. That included Chachki, who hasn't posted on Facebook since this cryptic message on July 16:

limited access. please keep my family in your thoughts. miss you guys — at Quito, Equador.

Her last tweet came the same day; it was a repeat of her Facebook post. Her last post to Instagram was July 8. And we last saw her in public holding a bottle of booze with her Legendary Children pals during an edgy art show on July 5. Her regular Friday gig at the Other Show at Jungle? She's not there, either, though show host Edie Cheezburger won't say when Chachki's performances stopped.

What does it all mean? Everything and nothing.

But it's puzzle pieces like that that make rabid "Drag Race" fans speculate about who made the Season 7 roster. The RuPaul's Drag Race subreddit fanned the flames two weeks ago with a post that has since generated more than 400 comments.

Hey girls! Looks like filming's happening soon, and I see all the Nancy Drewing happening. Post all your rumors, guessing, and dream contestants here!

hb9012 took the speculation a bit further.

I was at Ben's show in Atlanta last night, and Phoenix was talking about season 7 and if we knew anyone on it, but don't say, etc. With a small audience, a fairly substantial number of people shouted Violet (Chachki) and we got kind of a look. And it seems people were making a lot of wink-wink nudge-nudge comments about the family issues in Ecuador. I now almost feel certain we'll be seeing her on S7.

A follow up post focused just on Chachki. Fans say she's in.

I keep up with my Atlanta drag queens and I have seen Evah Destruction and Violet Chacki both discussed here as possible contestants for season 7 and with Violet leaving this strange update on Facebook on July has many of my friends and follow drag race fans in Atlanta believing this pin up, burlesque queen may have finally gotten a chance to compete!!!!! Look below and tell me what you guys can iLocate I'm hoping her family is fine, but this seems like another way to let friends and family know she got on the show without saying it!

We're crossing our fingers and hoping for the best for Chachki, one bad bitch who gets fabulously censored and has left us impressed since she snatched Sharon Needles' RuPaul's crown back at that Jungle pageant. Allegedly. She'd be the sixth Atlanta queen on the show and follow the inspiring finish of Trinity K. Bonet in April during Season 6.

[H/T GA Voice, Dragaholic; photo by Alan Tran Photography]