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At last, call her state Rep. Keisha Waites [photos]

Keisha Waites capped an 11-year pursuit of elected office on Monday by taking the oath of office and becoming Georgia’s fourth openly gay state representative.    READ MORE »

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Gay Atlanta man calls attackers monsters [video]

A gay Atlanta man spoke publicly Wednesday about his brutal beating four days earlier, calling his attackers “monsters” and telling other victims of anti-gay attacks to come forward.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta gang makes video of ‘faggot’ beating

A 30-second video posted Sunday to a hip hop website shows a brutal anti-gay assault that apparently took place in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood.    READ MORE »

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YouthPride leader lashes out at reporter [video]

The troubles of YouthPride, beset with financial concerns, have cast the spotlight on Executive Director Terence McPhaul. He’s not quite ready for his close-up.    READ MORE »

Tour new love nest of Eddie Long’s ‘Wildchild’

Make believe recording artist and short-distance sprinter Centino Kemp, the “Wildchild” of Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long, got paid for being bad and now is taking up residence in a new home.    READ MORE »

‘We Were Here’ director takes us back

David Weissman didn’t just hear about the beginning of AIDS in San Francisco. He was actually there, which helped him direct the award-winning “We Were Here,” opening Friday.    READ MORE »

The Year of Wynter Gordon hits Pride

It may seem like Wynter Gordon just burst onto the music scene, but she was already entrenched with big name artists behind the scenes. She let us in just before she takes over Atlanta Pride.    READ MORE »

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You can call Ari Gold ‘Sir’ at Atlanta Pride

Ari Gold on his knees in front of a drag queen is just one of the images that popped up in our conversation with the sexy singer as he prepped his trek to headline Atlanta Pride’s stage roster.    READ MORE »

Filmmaker duo helps Chely Wright come out

A serendipitous moment put country singer Chely Wright with filmmakers Beverly Kopf and Bobbie Birleffi for Wright's coming out film “Wish Me Away,” screening at Out On Film.    READ MORE »

Out on Film gets its own ‘Private Romeo’

The greatest romantic drama of all time gets a gay makeover in the timely and touching military cadet film “Private Romeo,” which gets the Out On Film treatment on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Director’s ‘eCupid’ puts love on universal remote

Director JC Calciano knows a thing or two about gay romantic comedies. Last year’s “Is It Just Me?” was a festival fave, and this year’s “eCupid” screens Friday at Out On Film.    READ MORE »

‘Runway’ recap: Only Glambert rocks menswear

Oh the crap they weave when “Project Runway” practices to achieve men’s fashion. The designers are really screwed by a rocker twist. Guest judge Adam Lambert is the only person with a clue.    READ MORE »

‘The X Factor’: Let the snarky recaps begin

After years of recapping “American Idol,” I swore I would never recap again. Yet here I am, ready to strap on my snark bib to recap “The X Factor,” premiering Wednesday. Let’s preview.    READ MORE »

It’s official: Out on Film releases full schedule

After weeks of teasers of some of its biggest films, it appears Atlanta’s LGBT film festival still had some tricks up its sleeve as the full slate of 2011 films is finally announced.    READ MORE »

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Is Don Lemon too good for CNN? [video]

Leave it to Jon Stewart's “The Daily Show” to notice a trend and milk it. Last week, the show hilariously compiled clips of out anchor Don Lemon openly dissing gap-filling schlock on his network.    READ MORE »

Braves’ gentleman bride talks drag debut [video]

Ryan Woody was less interested in gay marrying Braves coach Roger McDowell–he of the anti-gay tirade–than just making a spectacle. Think wedding dress, sprinting, Turner Field, live baseball game.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta men featured in ‘Gay in America’ book

Six local men are ready for their close up in a soon-to-be released book by photographer Scott Pasfield, who spent three years capturing portraits and stories of gay men in all 50 states.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta gays meet Obama at Pride reception

At least six LGBT Atlantans were on hand Wednesday as President Obama told gay activists that he’s “met my commitments to the LGBT community” during his third annual Pride reception.    READ MORE »

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Obama punts on gay marriage–3 times [video]

President Obama was pressed again on same-sex marriage during a White House press conference on Wednesday and once again, stopped short of endorsing marriage equality.    READ MORE »

Dead mom, gay dad makes everyone ‘Beginners’

At an age where society says he probably should be winding down, 75-year-old Hal decides to come out as gay and his son has to deal in “Beginners.” The film opens Friday in Atlanta.    READ MORE »