imageNovak Djokovic bitch slapped Andy Roddick Thursday and apparently enjoyed it.

The pair had a verbal tussle before the match when Roddick whined about Djokovic’s whining all week about his litany of injuries. But when Djokovic heard about Roddick’s mocking, he promptly dispatched the American from the U.S. Open Thursday night.

“That’s not nice, anyhow, to say in front of this crowd that I have 16 injuries and that I’m faking,” Djokovic said after match, eliciting hearty boos from spectators in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

“They’re already against me,” he said of the fans, “because they think I’m faking everything.”

The pair tried to make nice after the match.

“It was completely meant in jest,” Roddick said, pausing to choose the right words. “I should know better. But listen, I joke all the time. I don’t think anyone in their right mind takes me serious.”

The players spoke privately — and said they would keep the conversation private. Both were contrite afterward.

“He made a joke and it was a misunderstanding, so I don’t blame it on him,” Djokovic said, after getting nearly an hour to consider his on-court statements. “Maybe I exaggerated and reacted bad in that moment. I apologize.”

Photo: Nick Laham, Getty Images