UGA basketball fans, no doubt joyous with their mediocre team’s upset win over SEC rival Tennessee on Sunday, celebrated like most college fans: They rushed the court. Except one shirtless cutie, who slathered himself in peanut butter first.

imageMaybe the enthusiastic jock supporter hoped to attract a few bears in Athens first. Indeed, reports say he stripped down and slathered up with the creamy variety of Jif early in the game. Then he snacked—on the peanut butter.

What self-respecting bear couldn’t appreciate the convenience of that? Fortunately, he manscaped first or it could have been even messier.

And when the Dogs won—topping the eighth-ranked Vols for their first SEC win—students rushed the court. Not surprisingly, security guards weren’t interested in tackling Skippy and his peanut butter covered self.

Why this kid would cover himself in PB became crystal clear as the seconds on the clocked ticked down and UGA was about to wrap up its first win vs. a top 10 team at home since the Jim Harrick era. The students were reminded to NOT rush the court, when the game ended all but about 4 obliged. Peanut Butter Kid knew the rules didn’t apply to him. As he rushed the court there wasn’t a security guard or police officer willing to go anywhere near this kid. Usually its an early Christmas for these cops/guards when given the chance to lay out a smart-ass undergrad, but not today.

Bottom photo: Athens Banner-Herald