In an episode dripping with homophobia, and a classic Tyra Banks takedown of it, the one hunk you'd expect to be in the thick of it on "America's Next Top Model" actually uses it to repair his douchey Emory frat bro image.

Before Cycle 21 of "Top Model" started this summer, Adam Smith's claim to Internet fame was as a hunky, douchey member of Emory's Sigma Nu who bullied a gay student at a party in 2010. His debut on the show didn't help his image problems, but his muscular sex appeal was nice to gawk at in skimpy underwear. He is, after all, one of the show's seven sexy guys.

But Smith turned a bad situation for Denzel Wells into an opportunity for himself during Monday's episode. And he made the most of it. Wells attacked gay Texas guy Will Jardell with a tirade of hypermasculine homophobia. And instead of piling on, Smith grabbed the chance to make amends for the 2010 incident at Emory.

"It was a 100 percent bullying. It got printed in the newspaper. I haven't gotten a job because of it. It went viral. This is my apology to the gay community," Smith tells Jardell as he comes out about what took place. (Watch above)

And on behalf of bullied gays everywhere, Jardell accepted the apology. A tender hug and the caress of a shoulder massage from Smith didn't hurt.

The emotional outpouring also included a confessional from Keith Carlos (bottom photo), the former NFL jock who now lives in Atlanta. Though Carlos listened quietly to Wells' homophobic ramblings, he later explained in a confessional (watch above) how uncomfortable it made him. And oh yeah, his mom is a lesbian.

"I feel sorry for Will. I am not a homophobe. I like Will. My mother, she's a lesbian. I have gay mentors and I have nothing against gay people and I don't want to be seen in that light," Carlos says.

Smith continued his image repair effort by playing along with the silly antics of gay photographers Yu Tsai and Franco Lacosta and makes the best of some bulge-snugging pants he wears during a challenge.

"I'm already in the tightest pants I've had on in my life. What else can embarrass me," he says.

In an episode in which you'd expect Smith to be the villain, or at least provide bro cover for Wells, he stepped up and proved that even douchey frat bros can change. As for Wells, Tyra Banks was having none of it.