Atlanta police Chief George Turner, still stuck with cleaning up the shitstorm caused by the ill-fated raid of the Eagle that took place before his promotion, promoted one of his deputies and handed her a broom to continue sweeping up.

But when your boss describes your new job as “challenging,” former Major-turned-current-Deputy Chief Erika Shields should know what follows may not be the best boost up the career ladder. Turner (top photo) has been purging his command ranks of late.

imageShields (second photo) has had a front row seat to the Eagle drama, having served as Turner’s chief of staff since his promotion last year. On Tuesday, Turner announced her promotion to deputy chief and into a newly-created position overseeing strategy and special projects. What does that entail? Top of the list is that pesky $1 million Eagle lawsuit that just won’t go away.

Compliance with Calhoun v. Pennington (Atlanta Eagle) mandates
Implementation of department-wide beat redesign and new patrol areas, including Fort McPherson and Atlanta Beltline
Examination and improvement of crime prevention, investigation, and support service processes throughout the department
Completion and full utilization of new Video Integration Center
Utilization of emerging technologies including patrol car video cameras and GPS
Development and implementation of departmental crime lab
Planning and execution of capital improvements; including updated training facilities, precincts, firing range, equipment and vehicles

“I have the utmost confidence in Deputy Chief Shields’ abilities to take on this new, challenging role,” Turner says in a press release. “While day-to-day policing is often our focus, we cannot lose sight of our long-term vision. We must develop, guide and carry out those smart-policing projects and better processes that will have a true impact on driving crime down.”

Translation: Move the law enforcement agency past the lawsuit and the reforms it mandates. But not so fast. There’s also this other lawsuit over a bar raid by Atlanta police. Oh, yeah, and those dozens of officers that lost their certification and now face having their arrests dismissed. And the penchant for public ass play by some others.

So, yeah. Good luck with the new job.