READ MORE | This Atlanta gay doesn’t love Steve Grand’s abs

He’s got the face. The body. The bulges. Even the voice. And now, model turned gay country singer Steve Grand has a hit video that doesn’t spare the flesh. Neither does the Morning Fix. So here’s Grand in most all of his glory.

We first met Steve in August 2010, but back then it was Steve Chatham. Or Finn Diesel. Or Steve Starchild. And we thought we explored every sexy curve and muscle he had to offer. We didn’t.

On July 2, Grand dropped his first music video, the country anthem “All-American Boy.” It’s become a viral hit, no doubt thanks in part to his ripped abs and stunning looks, and notched more than 600,000 views.

So we dug around and compiled the most expansive look at everything this sexy crooner has to offer. Click on the video and then work through the photos. This is a Morning Fix made for music.

Some photos by Tom Cullis and Wander Aguiar