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imageAll of the pre-season promises to LGBT viewers for the gayest-ever “True Blood” season are now fulfilled, but we’re still left wanting for finale awesomeness as summer’s camp vamp guilty pleasure comes to a close until next year.

The season finale’s Q factor of gay content isn’t particularly high, but creator Alan Ball did deliver a gay and lesbi-riffic overall season. We can’t help but look back fondly on bad girl Pam (top photo) getting a face full of the good stuff, the excellent addition of evil Russell and his spoiled consort Talbot, Lafayette finally getting a red-hot love interest in Jesus, studly Eric taking on a gay sex scene, and the just plain hot arrival of Joe Manganiello as werewolf Alcide.

imageOur boy Lafayette is still having mean flashbacks (middle photo) from his experience on vampire blood. His visions of what people are hiding provide gruesomely delightful foreshadowing, and we love that he seeks comfort with Jesus, who has a revelation of his own. It looks like Jesus will be back next season, hopefully with more shirtless scenes.

Apparently not so lucky is gay meany King Russell (bottom photo), who satisfyingly gets what’s coming to him throughout the episode. Wrapped in searing silver and sun-burned to a disgusting crisp, Russell watches helplessly as Sookie dashes his hopes of recovering Talbot down the drain. His ultimate fate seems literally sealed. Or is it? We hope the doom is temporary for the best thing about this season.

imageNot homo but always homoerotic, Godric returns as an apparition for sore eyes. His warnings put Eric into a moral conundrum. Eric gets a little taste of karma for bad deeds but escapes just in time to finally—finally!—let Sookie know what Bill’s been up to since the series began.

Unlike last season’s crescendo of Bacchanalian mayhem and a perfectly choreographed melding of plots before villain Maryann’s well-deserved comeuppance, disparate plots and characters stay that way this season. A few of the frantically-told storylines take the winter break on an appropriate downbeat, but the ones that leave us guessing don’t completely rise to the occasion of a cliffhanger.

Closing shots leave Bill and Queen Sophie literally up in the air, a shot in the dark side for Sam, and Tara with a new mission and new hair. Pam is in off-screen danger, Hoyt is playing voodoo house with Jessica, Jason has a new brood and a shirt on, and Sookie performs a vanishing act with Fairy Queen Claudine.

The series’ gay creator Alan Ball closes the episode with thanks to the show’s rabid fan base alongside promises of new supernatural fun and gory surprises next summer. We’ll be watching.

”True Blood” repeats this week on HBO (Atlanta Comcast 301, HD701 and HD880). The season finale is available On Demand Monday night, and the whole season remains On Demand for a limited time.