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‘True Blood’: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

If some audiences are squeamish about how gay “True Blood” is this season, creators even the playing field by prioritizing gore over gay so everybody feels a little queasy.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: We like getting into ‘Trouble’

Sunday’s dose of campy, vampy goodness on HBO's "True Blood" is aptly titled “Trouble.” As the pace quickens and the plot thickens, it’s the kind of trouble we can sink our teeth into.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Good views and bad news

We were just as bummed by the Fourth of July break from “True Blood” as we were excited for Sunday’s return. We just didn’t expect that the juxtaposition of good and bad would last all night.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: She’s my cherry pie

Lesbian fans rejoice! The gayest moment of this week’s otherwise plodding "True Blood" episode was just for you. Our only regret is that Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” wasn't playing.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Gays, who’s coming to dinner?

The plot barely moves in this week’s “True Blood,” but creator Alan Ball gets his gay in edgewise with the introduction of the Vampire King of Mississippi and his consort.    READ MORE »

Thursday: Joe Manganiello built for ‘True Blood’

Joe Manganiello doesn't trade his prime time soap skills for the life of a brooding werewolf until June 27. But take a peek now so you're prepared for the hunk's new life on über-gay "True Blood."    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’ premiere, aka the butt episode

As season premieres go, we’re just happy that “True Blood” is back. The only things that slowed the scatter-shot approach to storylines were indulgent scenes of pure eye candy.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’ makes summer hotter—and gayer

Any cross-section of Gleeks and fangbangers is probably queer. As finales give way to summer limbo, that subset and more LGBT fans rabidly welcome a gayer-than-ever “True Blood.”    READ MORE »

Wednesday: Mehcad Brooks’ delicious eggs

There's not much fans of "True Blood" haven't seen of Mehcad Brooks, who plays Eggs on the hit HBO show. After all, he strips down on screen just as much as any male character, which we appreciate.    READ MORE »

Thursday: ‘True Blood’s’ Ryan Kwanten

image    READ MORE »