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‘Portlandia’ tour’s sketchy goodness hits ATL

The perfectly pitched sketch comedy that is cable’s sleeper hit “Portlandia” hits Atlanta Thursday with “SNL’s” Fred Armisen and former Sleater-Kinney rocker Carrie Brownstein.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Halloween tricks and treats finale

Be careful what you wish for if you want closure on the season finale of “True Blood.” All is not well that ends bloody, and otherwise we’re left with more cliffhangers than a daily soap.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Is Marnie war’s soul survivor?

Just shy of too little too late, “True Blood” is starting to get most of its mojo back. The season’s shot in the arm includes a bullet to Marnie’s head, but you just knew she wouldn’t go that easily.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’ recap: Everybody loves a comeback

How awesome is it to see Eric and Bill grow some balls after a “True Blood” season of puppy love amnesia for one and royal bluster for the other? As we all know, it takes an irresistibly flaming faerie.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: ‘Run!’ from worst episode ever

As Sookie heads to another dreamland bed and the witches and vampires head to another battle this week, we gotta ask: Are brief nude scenes and light teases keeping your interest in “True Blood”?    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: The battle royale for Bon Temp

Are you surprised that Eric’s ass and a Siouxsie and the Banshees’ song beat out the much-awaited vampires vs. witches epic showdown as the best moments of this week’s “True Blood”?    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Jessica really feels the burn

Vampires don’t do well in the sun, but in a twist that feels less twisty each time, the ones on “True Blood” keep finding themselves there. If it’s so dangerous, why do they keep surviving?    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Catching the full moon madness

Finally! After a slow start, the long-awaited full moon spells trouble, sex and a fair share of crazy for vampires, shapeshifters and humans alike, but it also spells the “True Blood” we know and love.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Dream a little dream of sexy me

“True Blood” starts this week with an exciting kill, but soon it feels more like we’re killing time. Multiple plots just plod, but enticing twists might be signs of fangtastic things to come.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Everybody get naked and run

If a vampire and a werewolf must fight over you, it should be Eric and Alcide, and they should both strip before they do it. That’s the ever-put-upon Sookie’s plight on “True Blood” this week.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Adventures in vampire babysitting

This week’s episode of “True Blood” picks up right where we left off with Eric–rendered shirtless, shoeless and clueless–acting on impulse and acting a fool over Sookie’s sweet-smelling blood.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: The vampire who would be king

Confusion about how regular-old Bill ascended to the Vampire throne begins to clear up in this week’s “True Blood.” But in a cluster of too many other storylines, more questions are raised than answered.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Still gay with an estrogen injection

A year since our “True Blood” fix, it’s only been 15 minutes for Sookie in Faerie land in the season premiere. Or has it? Time passed in Bon Temps, too – enough for somebody to become a lesbian.    READ MORE »

Monday: ‘True Blood’s’ Joe Manganiello bares it

Disappointed like us that Joe Manganiello didn't show off more of his 220 pounds of well-muscled hotness on Sunday's season premiere of "True Blood?" We thought so. Here's a spread to fill your need.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Fairy finale, fairly anti-climactic

All of the promises to LGBT viewers for the gayest-ever “True Blood” season are now fulfilled, but we’re still left wanting for finale awesomeness as this summer’s camp vamp guilty pleasure closes.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Vampire day in the sun

It may be many a gay man’s fantasy to be handcuffed to vampire Eric and every vampire’s fantasy to walk in daylight, but as Russell and Eric live it out, everything in “True Blood” comes at a price.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: A fairy by any other name

Sookie blurts out her nature as well as exactly how we feel about this episode in the first line, making the cast's Rolling Stone cover the most exciting thing about "True Blood" this week.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Another visit to fairy land

The pace slows this week on our favorite guilty pleasure after a hyper dose of gay male sexuality last week, but the tempo is just right for plots and dead vampire goo to congeal.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Thrill me, kiss me, kill me

After last week’s gore-over-gay episode, gay fans can delight in this week's “True Blood.” Beyond usual flirts, one-liners, eye-candy and quick cutaways, the same-sex sparks really fly.    READ MORE »

‘True Blood’: Goodbye cruel villains, hello fairy

In a transitional episode of “True Blood,” this season’s gay prominence stays pretty much on the down low as some adversaries go bye-bye and key plots reveal hints of what’s to come.    READ MORE »