Some of the same female state lawmakers Simone Bell hopes to work with under the Gold Dome came out this week backing her campaign in the Dec. 1 runoff.

Bell faces Asha Jackson on Tuesday in a rematch of the Nov. 3 race for the District 58 seat in the state House. Jackson placed first with 27 percent of the vote; Bell captured 24 percent. If she wins, Bell would become the first African-American lesbian elected to a state legislature in the U.S.

This week, Bell gained the support of a trio of progressive state lawmakers: Rep. Karla Drenner, the legislature’s only openly gay member, Sen. Nan Orrock and Rep. Margaret Kaiser. They announced their support during a campaign event Monday.

“Simone Bell will stand strong at the Capitol for the shared values in our diverse neighborhoods,” Orrock says in a statement from the campaign. “We can count on Simone to be responsive, to stand up for our best interests, and to work tirelessly for positive solutions to our public safety, education, transportation, and health concerns. I’m supporting Simone Bell because she has a strong moral compass. She knows right from wrong and we can count on her to be on the right side.”

Bell recently gained the support of Adam Brackman, a gay man who placed second in his bid for the Atlanta City Council. She also has the endorsements of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which rallied its supporters to her cause recently, and Georgia Equality, which has also been working to get her elected. Atlanta Stonewall Democrats also backed Bell and toasted her and its other endorsed candidates during a reception last month.

“I’m proud to have the support of Sen. Nan Orrock and my friends Margaret Kaiser and Karla Drenner,” Bell says in a statement from the campaign. “They know my commitment to the people of the 58th district, and my passion for the issues that matter to all of our communities. I’m prepared to serve, I’m passionate about the issues, and I’m committed to the people of the 58th District.”