Atlanta gal Trinity K. Bonet continued her "RuPaul's Drag Race" roller coaster ride on Monday, sinking to the bottom under the weight of her self pity just a week after such an inspiring performance.

And so it goes for Bonet this season, from her dazzling debut to middle of the pack to the bottom to safe (again) to this.

"Another challenge that I wasn't able to do and it's frustrating," Bonet complains on "Untucked." Then she went on a riff about how she might be better suited for "Project Runway" or "America's Next Model." Huh? Yes, girl, yes. Watch in the supercut of her best (and worst) moments above.

"The challenges are what make or break you and I keep getting the same critique," she adds. "Every time I go out there, I feel I do my best but they don't."

When RuPaul opened the library, Bonet fell flat in the no tea, no shade "Reading Is Fundamental" mini-challenge. Rapping her way through the "Oh No She Betta' Don't" main attraction didn't help, but the ill-advised 90s style hip-hop challenge was excruciating to watch for anyone and not just Bonet. She ended up lip synching for her life, the second time in five episodes.

You want to root for Bonet, especially after opening up about being HIV-positive. But her whiny, defensive posturing is overwhelming that impulse.