Tribble Reese should be gay Atlanta's new obsession. The tall blond-hair, blue-eye jock is pumping his sexy through Bravo's "The New Atlanta" and does Halloween with the gays on Saturday.

Reese may not know what's in store for him this weekend, but the gays sure do. The former college quarterback, model and current reality TV hottie is among the celebrity guest judges during the big gay Halloween charity event "Fairy Tales & Magic" from Jerusalem House. So before you see him in person, enjoy him up close in the video montage above. It's a mix of clips from "New Atlanta" and a soft core pornish promotional video created for the show.

Reese, who we profiled in the Morning Fix a few years back, should do just fine with the gays. He can nail gay voice (video above) when he utters "I'm gorgeous" and talks about accessorizing his outfit, he fills out a gay tank top in an oh-so-good way, he likes to snap gym selfies, he does a pretty impressive Richard Simmons, and he makes cocktails for Bravo gay Andy Cohen, who knows a thing or two about gay Atlanta.

On Saturday, here's hoping Reese is more Tarzan and less Hooters girl.