Transgender housing initiative hits major fundraising milestone

Four years into a $50,000 capital campaign, an Atlanta organization dedicated to providing safe housing for transgender and gender non-conforming people reached its goal. Trans Housing Atlanta Program will now start looking for its first facility for emergency housing and rapid rehousing.

A recent $16,000 contribution from the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless pushed Trans Housing Atlanta Program (THAP) to its goal.

“Homelessness is not limited to a certain color, sex, sexual orientation, or nationality,” said Warren Smith, Task Force board chair said Monday in a press release. “The Task Force was founded on the principle that we will assist all that need our help. As one of our last acts, we are blessed to be able to help the Trans Housing Atlanta Program in its efforts to serve those that need help.”

THAP co-founder Tracee McDaniel (top photo) told Project Q Atlanta that the organization's main goal was to raise the money it needed first, then decide on what kind of facility they will have.

“We don’t want to get anything where we have to invest a lot of money in refurbishing,” she said. “We want to get something that’s ready to move in where we don’t have to do all this other fundraising to make sure that it’s habitable.”

THAP is still considering where to locate the facility, McDaniel said.

“We’ve talked about south of the I-20 freeway, but we haven’t pinned anything down yet. We want to make it on the train and bus lines so it’s convenient to get to,” she added.

THAP co-founder Jamie Roberts praised the Task Force’s contribution.

“This contribution continues the legacy of the Task Force of sheltering and supporting the most vulnerable among us,” Roberts said in the press release. “The impact of this gift will be felt for decades to come.”

On Saturday, the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence awarded the group a $3,000 grant at a World AIDS Day event at BJ Roosters. THAP leaders said the funds will help provide assistance for transgender people undergoing name changes.