READ MORE | Witness says videos of L5P attack ‘don’t show context’

A series of video clips posted online shows a verbal confrontation turn violent outside a skate shop in Little Five Points as an apparent transgender woman is thrown to the ground and brutally stomped.

LGBT activists called attention to the Vine clips late Wednesday on Twitter. The series of five videos clips, posted by TriAngle SquarE and collected above (NSFW), shows a confrontation as it unfolds in front of Stratosphere Skateboards on Moreland Avenue. The videos were posted to Vine on Tuesday.

The clips show the victim yelling at several people standing outside the skate shop, telling one that "I'll fuck you up" and another "I got a fucking pussy." The final clip shows the confrontation turning violent as the victim is thrown to the ground just outside the front door of the business. Then the attacker stomps on the victim's head as her legs go limp. Several bystanders are shown in the series of clips, though no one is seen coming to the aid of the victim.

The video clip showing the confrontation turning violent has received more than 2,200 comments and 742,850 loops. Many of the comments support the attack on the victim, though others call it senseless and deplorable.

LGBT activists and others worked to rally attention to the incident on Twitter.

The victim's identity and condition were not immediately known late Wednesday. It's also not clear whether the person identifies as transgender.

An Atlanta police spokesperson said late Wednesday there is no record of a report being filed about the incident at the skate shop. The agency posted to Twitter that it's looking into whether anyone called 911 during the confrontation.

The incident comes just weeks after two transgender women were attacked on a MARTA train in late May. That confrontation was also recorded and posted online, which helped police identify and arrest the assailants.