And you thought Tomorrowworld was about the music. As thirsty hotties pour into Atlanta from across the country for the weekend electronic music festival, they are lighting up Grindr with their requests for hookups, friendships and so much more. 

So we couldn't help but sample the selfies for a taste of what will be cruising Chattahoochee Hills through Sunday. Arm yourself with this survival guide and then get to scolling through the hunks that will be grinding the weekend away.

Fun. Maybe wine. 


This young (22) and tall (6'4") twink knows what he likes and isn't afraid to say so. He wants his EDM mixed with adventure and a little wine. But really, "mostly looking for fun while visiting."


Bulging biceps.


This 23-year-old doesn't say much in his profile. He's "visiting" – clearly – and on Grindr. So focus on those biceps and make your move.


Toned and tall.


In a Grindr world in which everyone seems to be 5'8", this slim and shirtless hottie measures in at 6'1". He's 26 and not too concerned about intelligent conversation: "I under think everything."


Hairy chest.


This 29-year-old muscular guy offers 6'0" and 185 pounds of fun. He asks, "Where do I start." Maybe with the abs? Or the cum gutters. The pecs? So many choices.


Fun in the mud.


This guy knows a thing or two about Tomorrowworld. Mostly that it will be a mud pit by Saturday and based on his Grindr pic, he's ready to make that work for him. What else works for this 6'0" and 178-pound visitor? Guys under 27. (No surprise that he fails to list his age. Or that he wants profiles with a face but doesn't offer one himself.)


Those undies!


This cutie from Las Vegas isn't subtle. (Check the waistband of his undies.) Besides a tight little frame, this 5'8", 150-pound EDM fan also has tickets to sell. Maybe the underwear is a hint about what to offer for payment.