Tim Gunn is back. Tim Gunn is back.

The gay style and fashion guru will join his “Project Runway” counterparts this summer for the yet-to-be-aired sixth season of the show.

The show’s creators have been locked in a legal battle with Bravo, who sued when the show made a jump to Lifetime. In the meantime, the new season was shelved even though it was taped and ready to go.

But now NBC Universal, which owns Bravo, the Weinstein Co., and Lifetime have settled their differences. Which means Weinstein will shell out some bucks to Universal to make the move and the show will air this summer on Lifetime.

Meanwhile, Bravo this week started advertising its “Project Runway” replacement. “The Fashion Show” premieres May 7 with Isaac Mizrahi (playing Tim Gunn) sharing hosting duties with Kelly Rowland (Heidi Klum).

View more photos form Tim Gunn’s recent appearance in Atlanta.

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