Thrifting by the decade to queer new looks from vintage accessories

Shopping the thrift scene, your mom’s closet and your own archives lets the past inspire a fashionable future. Keep turning the page for ideas that rock vintage vibes without breaking the bank.

From party looks to classic chic, and from cool coats and prints to all dressed, up, it's this week's Q magazine cover package, and we call it Past, Present, Perfect, and it's got a little something for just about every queer in the LGBTQ village.









Winter Warmth

‘40s Sophistication

‘30s Timeless

‘70s Street


Design of a Decade

‘50s Chic and ‘60s Pop

‘20s Classic


It’s Your Party

 ‘20s Posh

‘60s Cool

‘80s Excess


Print Out

‘80s Spots

‘50s Stripes + '20s Lace = '80s Cool

‘90s Floral



All Dressed Up

‘20s Monochrome

‘50s Dandy

‘70s Sleek


This feature originally appeared in Q magazine. Read the full issue below.



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