Thomas Roberts hits Swinging Richards for underwear auction

Newly named CBS46 anchor Thomas Roberts brought several fellow anchors and reporters to Swinging Richards for an Atlanta Pride fundraiser on Friday.

The out former MSNBC star (top photo, center) was spotted with co-anchor Sharon Reed (top photo, right) and reporters Karyn Greer (who left 11Alive in 2015) and Alicia Roberts.

And how was money being raised, you ask? Well, it was the 9th Annual Underwear Auction of course.

Wild Cherry Sucret (top photo, left) hosted the event and Boy Next Door supplied the dancers’ underwear, which customers could place silent bids on to take home.

All proceeds from the auction and a portion of the night’s cover charge went to benefit Atlanta Pride, which is fast approaching on Oct. 12-14.

Photos by Russ Youngblood