Celebrate Atlanta queers as their own living canvas in Q magazine

Whatever our personal hurdles, LGBTQ Atlantans prove daily that the process of overcoming our obstacles and expressing ourselves can be an art form – sometimes literally. If local life is a painting, Q is here to document every glorious stroke.

Meet the local tattooed queers and queer tattooers in Q magazine's latest photo essay by Jon Dean. We dig into what makes them tick, plus we get their recommendations for the best places to get your own queer ink done.

Speaking of working your body as art, current-season "RuPaul’s Drag Race" queen Asia O’Hara hits town on Saturday to show us her artwork. The Q interview takes an inside look at her headlining turn at Heretic's H2(h)oe event.

Elsewhere in this issue, Atlantan Vince Shifflett is the artist of his own queer life in Q Voices, plus 10 Queer Things and The Q look at relationships – how to get and keep one, and that possible letdown when you get what you wanted. The Queer Agenda calendar fills out your social calendar, and Q Shots captures those smiles while you’re out there sculpting your best life.

Flip through the full issue below, pick up your hard copy around town, and visit us here at Project Q Atlanta every day for fresh content.