The flesh fest that is Atlanta Pride packed Piedmont Park with hotties. But this random jogger, shirtless and tucked into form-fitting red shorts, didn't seem to notice. But we definitely noticed him.

We spotted our hunk Saturday afternoon as he jogged around the park's athletic fields. He was oblivious to the festival happening near him, happy to bare his muscular chest and soak up the sun as he went around and around and around the oval track. The red Puma shorts and matching toe shoes, the nose ring, the mirrored sunglasses.

He didn't touch himself, like our nipplelicious Pride parade hunk from last year. But he reminded us again how much we love our gay jocks playing in the park. Especially the shirtless ones with abs.

Why hello. What happened to your shirt?



That cardio routine seems to work for you.



So do those snug red shorts.



And those abs with just a wisp of hair.



Such good form.



The biceps, the pecs and the package.



And the booty.



Buh-bye. See you next Pride!