When you’re a former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star who got used to all that unwarranted extra attention, you might over-serve a gay Atlanta magazine reporter known for airing dirty laundry. Ask Kim Zolciak Biermann.

Maybe it was the plan for Zolciak Biermann (top photo) all along: Get her private affairs back in the limelight by opening her doors to the press before her notoriety ship has sailed. If it wasn’t her plan, child, Atlanta magazine gadabout Rich Eldredge made it his mission on Tuesday night. In the best live-Tweeting, Instagram-posting way ever.

Zolciak loves her Atlanta gays, and we love her. Mostly. And Eldredge loves to dish dirt. For a living. What could go wrong? Or oh-so right?

Tuesday’s drink-your-dessert tour featured a breakfast-for-dinner – or brinner, if you will – heavy on the alcoholic gastro delights. Emphasis on gastro as the breakfast-flavored shots and cocktails stacked up on Eldredge’s tummy. The about-town reporter introduced his Atlanta magazine morning-after full account thusly:

Last night, Atlanta Magazine assigned me to go to Kim Zolciak Biermann's home, eat breakfast for dinner with her, consume ridiculous amounts of "breakfast-inspired" liqueur and then write about it. So I did. I love America.

Even more entertaining? His tipsy Twitter blow-by-blow as it all happened. How did he react to Zolciak Biermann’s offer to take a selfie with her? Did he open cabinets in the bathroom? What’s the most hideous room in the Biermann home? Here are a few of our favorite moments.

















Photos by Rich Eldredge for Atlanta Magazine.