Longtime gay Atlanta activist Rick Westbrook will do just about anything to raise a dollar for charity. Even licking the amputated toe of an Armorettes cast member. But hey, it helped raise more than $1,000 on Sunday.

The toe, or what's left of it, belonged to Amber Divine. And Westbrook and his tongue licked it and more after the crowd met his challenge: raising $1,000 in donations for Lost N Found Youth. That's the non-profit Westbrook heads up that cares for homeless LGBT youth.

The saliva sideshow came during a special edition of the Armorettes Glamp! show at Burkhart's. The cast and guest queens -- Ruby Redd, Trashetta Galore, Ally Yankadic, Candie Butcher, Pink Le'Monaid, Amber Divine, Gia Sunflowers, Miss Kellie Divine, Nicole Paige Brooks and Shavonna B. Brooks --  helped wrap up a weekend of second anniversary celebrations for Lost N Found that included Westbrook's 48-hour vigil in the parking lot, a community meeting and a big gay brunch.