Getting stuck in Atlanta's nightmarish traffic is the worst. Especially when a traffic accident mucks it up. But if more drivers looked like this scruffy sexy guy, rush hour would be dreamy.

Meet Michael Hampl, the hunky guy stuck in traffic that WSB snagged on Wednesday. He just happened to witness that mom high on heroin who crashed her minivan with the kids inside on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell. Forget about that. Think about those eyes, the full lips and his dirty blond facial scruff. That straight on stare (above) or some sexy side eye (below) – he'll get you high without the need for any needles.

Hampl's sex appeal is enough to make him a lumbersexual coverboy. So just add this hot traffic guy to that sizzling Dunwoody cop, that MARTA hunk and the shirtless park jogger to our ever-growing list of everyday guys spreading their sexy across Atlanta.