Summer pool hunk Adam Gates has returned from his sojourn out West, revitalized and ready to get naked with gay Atlanta. Again. This time, though, with a healthy goal in mind.

He's a fitness and nutrition Nazi. Just nicer. And with better abs.

So Gates decided to put that knowledge to work for you by creating Naked Healthy. It's a mix of tips, treats and photo inspiration. And Gates, a Georgia native, knows a thing or two about combining fitness and a healthy lifestyle with his model good looks. He's done sizzling eye candy calendars with photo bestie Richie Arpino, rubbed noses with pups while dressed in skimpy swimsuits and marched in the Atlanta Pride parade in Daisy Dukes.

But now, it's about more than that, Gates says.

"Naked Healthy is a representation of everything clean living – clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit," Gates says. "Honestly the name came to me first, then I started the blog after the name. I woke up one morning in Colorado with the incredibly strong message to start applying my obsession of health, fitness and nutrition to those who are interested in changing their lives for the better."

Gates says he's struggled with fitness and maintainig a healthy lifestyle like most and wants to offer lessons from those experiences.

"I know how hard it was for me to put all the pieces together so I could only imagine how difficult it is for everyone else. The simplest way I can put it in five words is, 'Don't eat food with ingredients,'" he says.

"With clean eating came a healthier body, which everyone knows will happen. However, nobody beat it into my head how much better every aspect of life would become. You smile more, love harder and enjoy traffic. It's truly amazing the food fog we all walk around in and are unaware," he adds.

Gates recently expanded Naked Healthy to Instagram, an outlet where he makes this pitch: "Rely on us for holistic information, motivation, humor, fashion and CATS."

So before you get Naked Healthy with Gates, let's explore what that's going to look like.

Don't look back at the unhealthy you.



Look forward to this.



And this.



Cycling, too.



He did say cats.



And nekkid. *fishnet optional



The serenity of a fitter you.



Ready to get Naked Healthy serious? He is.