Gay attorney and sometimes Barbie Kyle Williams was definitely not on drag time Monday morning. He was first in line to officially qualify for his state Senate race.

Williams – technically the first non-incumbent Democrat to arrive at the Gold Dome for qualifying, which opened today – filed his paperwork and paid the $400 fee for the District 42 race with his partner Larry Kosten at his side.



The push to be first in line also landed Williams some press, first from the AJC and then WSB, who interviewed him at the Georgia Capitol after he qualified.

Over on the Democratic side of the ledger, Kyle Williams was the first in line to qualify. Williams, seeking to succeed state Sen. Jason Carter, said he would be the first openly gay state senator in Georgia if he won. But he doesn’t think that will be a factor in his race. After all, he noted, the Atlanta district he is seeking is more than 70 percent Democratic.



Williams would become the state's first openly gay state senator. At least four other LGBT candidates expect to qualify this week – state Reps. Karla Drenner, Simone Bell and Keisha Waites, along with Bob Gibeling, who is seeking the District 54 seat in the House.