Celebrity weave maker and gay bestie Derek J has stared down a competitor with a gun and the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." So do not accuse him of being the Hair Burglar of the South.

In July, Benita Williams accused Derek J and his staff of stealing her weave and replacing it with cheaper hair while she sat for an appointment at his J Spot Salon. So she sued him for about $2,100 in Fulton County Magistrate Court. On Sunday's episode of the reality show, Derek sought legal help from Phaedra Parks. In his Manolo Blahnik's, of course.

"When people think of Derek J, they think of pumps, honey, blouses and fabulous hair. You can not be the Hair Burglar of the South," Parks says. (Watch above)

So the pair is bracing for court. And Parks is advising the flamboyant stylist that toning down his look might be best for court. Which won't be easy.

"I know you love a G-string and a bra child, but we will be giving them all testosterone that day," Parks says.