Getting stuck in those long security lines at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport during the holidays can be a drag. But if more passengers looked like this scruffy sexy guy, security wait times would be delightful.

On Tuesday, WSB warned of the coming wait line armageddon on Wednesday and again on Sunday as people flood the airport for Christmas travels. "The warning: It's going to get worse," the news outlet reported.

To prove it, they caught up with some travel-weary passengers. Meet Giulio Cetto and his colorful hat, hoodie and facial scruff forced to sit in Atlanta's airport for hours and hours. 

"I was here all night. Hopefully, I can sleep on this next flight," Cetto told WSB.

The next time you're stuck in Atlanta's airport, give us a call. The city offers better nightlife options than a stiff chair in some chilly corner of a terminal. And when traveling this holiday season, arrive two hours early, WSB warned. That's plenty of time to watch for hotties like Cetto.

Cetto's sex appeal is enough to make you forget about those long lines. Just like Michael Hampl made Atlanta's nightmarish traffic better and blond hunk Fred Frank convinced us to ride MARTA. Cetto is a welcomed addition to our list of everyday guys spreading their sexy across metro Atlanta.