What is it about gay Atlantans and adorning their plush homes with animal-themed accessories? Horse heads and deer heads and more. Oh, my! An East Lake couple is the latest to offer up an equestrian theme.

Kevin and James Payne-Owens lean on a mixture of Craftsman and row house styles with a touch of equine thanks to Kevin’s fixation with barn- and castle-like stuff and a large horse head that sits on the floor. But girl, this house is butch, hairstylist Kevin tells the AJC’s Private Quarters.

“I just like how strong it looks and masculine and how well-built it looked,” Kevin said. “I love a brick home because I think it’s timeless and it’s nice to have that element mixed with the stone.”

Even with a living room with burnt orange walls and oversized antique mirrors.

Our favorite touch? Their massive four-poster bed. Size queens.

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