If you love a big gay Aussie parade (you know, the one that adds a little color to the mainstream media each year) and a crushing number of near naked guys out for fun, Sydney has what you’re looking for.

However, if you’ve “been there, done that,” or are looking for a different kind of Aussie adventure, head south, and take a chance on the States of Victoria and Tasmania.

If Sydney is Marsha, Melbourne is Jan (but we all know the later was really the cool Brady girl, right?).

Australia’s “second city” is expected to steal the spotlight from its big sister when it becomes the country’s most populous city within the next 20 years. It is already considered by many to be the arts and culture center of the country.

It’s an urban hub with cool clubs, top restaurants, historic architecture, museums, and fantastic shopping. The locals are so friendly I felt like Brad Pitt walking the streets with all the smiles and g’days (take a shot every time you hear “no worries” and you’ll be drunk in about five minutes).

Oh, and a river runs through it.

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