Bawdy booty shaking, a couple of porn stars and a whole lotta of gay guys in swimsuits delivered their best moves to try and snatch the title in the summer tradition that is the Mary's swimsuit contest.

Some 15 brave men put their assets on the line for the 8th Annual Boys of Summer Swimsuit Contest on Friday at the East Atlanta bar. It was the sweet, sweet mix of hot, sexy and mess that defines this contest and makes it so special.

Nicholas Goodley twerqed his way to a bootylicious win, snagging a prize package and a bit of Mary's infamy. Glitzy Mary's diva Corian Ellisor took top honors last year (photos). Among the crowd was Atlanta porn star Charlie Harding, trading his stinky gym shoes for red heels to compete, Tristan Schwartz (top image) and twinkish pornster Duncan Black, who had the look but sadly did not compete.