Melissa Carter—Atlanta’s first openly gay radio host—turned off her mic on Friday, bidding adieu to fans of Q100’s “The Bert Show” after 10 years. The last line of her last show? “I quit this bitch.”

The tributes are rolling in. The show posted one to her on its website, hitting the highlights of her best radio moments. One of the most touching? Her emotional reaction to listener Jeremy, who called after finding out his sister is marrying his ex-boyfriend. The ensuing fallout over being gay left Jeremy disowned by his family.

Carter’s Facebook pages – both her personal one and the Public Figure page – have turned into makeshift memorials, with friends and fans alike posting messages of support.

On April 9, lesbian fans toasted Carter farewell with a drag show that benefitted the Melissa Carter Transplant Fund, the non-profit established when Carter reached the five-year anniversary of her life-saving kidney transplant in 2002. The evening included an on-stage serenade from drag king Romeo Lee.

For her part, Carter hinted at the outpouring of emotions she faces in ending her co-host duties on “The Bert Show,” tweeting this on Thursday: “Emotions starting to take over about tomorrow being my last day on @TheBertShow. What were those swollen eye remedies again?”

If you still haven’t tipped your hat to Carter, you’ve got one more chance: Melissa Carter’s Official Goodbye Party on Friday, April 15 at Shout. The free event runs 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Carter, an honorary grand marshal for the 2010 Atlanta Pride parade, announced her departure on March 9.