The Atlanta Police Department has worked hard in recent years to improve its relationship with the gays. They should have trotted out this sexy cop with the cute dimples much sooner.

Meet Ralph Woolfolk, the hunky Atlanta police officer and latest addition to the department's public affairs unit. He hit YouTube on Thursday to offer tips on how to keep yourself from becoming a crime statistic during the holidays.

"Unfortunately, criminals view the holiday season a little differently. For them, it's a time of opportunity," Woolfolk says in the 1-minute video. (Watch below)

It's also an opportunity to soak up Woolfolk. He knows how to turn on the charm and serve face. And we salute all of his adorable looks.

So move aside, Dunwoody Officer Tim Fecht. You've got some new competition for metro Atlanta's most appealing police spokesman. And add Woolfolk to our ever-growing list of everyday guys spreading their sexy across the region. There's that scruffy driver making rush hour better and the MARTA passenger who will take your breath away.


Side-smirk with dimple.



Straight on warm-your-insides smile.



You sure you want to leave those valuables in your car?



Yeah, I'm this adorable.



Put them all together for this holiday safety video.