You can't help but want to hug this college student and try to make it all better. The 21-year-old faced down armed assailants on Saturday and that machismo just made this hunk even hotter. 

Meet Morgan West, the fourth year Georgia Tech student who got a taste of Atlanta crime on Saturday when he was robbed and pistol-whipped outside his place in Home Park. He's OK, thankfully. And thankfully for us, an interview with WSB gives us a taste of this 21-year-old hunk and his many adorable looks. And that deep voice. That thick brown hair. The smile. And those biceps.

And that sense of humor, which West hasn't lost since the robbery. Via WSB:

“I have these four stitches and my mom wants me to get it taken out and see a plastic surgeon because ‘you can’t mess up this beautiful face. What am I going to do?’” said West.

So welcome to our ever-growing list of everyday guys spreading their sexy across metro Atlanta. And if West should need the police again, he should consider calling this sexy Atlanta cop or this other uniformed hottie from Dunwoody. You can't go wrong with either.

Even with stitches, he's this cute.




Oh that luscious hair. 



He hits the gym. The biceps tell us so.



That megawatt smile.



Call us maybe?



Watch and listen.