Gay Atlanta loves to fantasize about a firefighter. They do them for Halloween and cheer them on in the Pride parade. Now Zaxby's is adding fuel to the fire with this Marietta chiropractor.

Surely you've seen the commercial by now. If not, the AJC breaks it down:

A woman and her Zaxby's chicken sandwich are in a generic office lunchroom with her sheepish male co-worker who makes a corny comment about her spicy meal. She bits into her sandwich and through TV magic the geek is transformed into a hunk of a firefighter holding an adorable kitten.

He asks: "Is it hot enough?"

She answers "smoldering" before saying her name is April. He responds with "I'm July" as he flips open a calendar to an even-less-dressed picture of himself.

Turns out, that sexy stud of a fireman is Jason Pero, a Marietta chiropractor that knows a thing or two about acting and flexing those pecs on stage.

When he's not cracking backs and flashing that super smile at East Cobb Health, he's been honing his skills as an actor. And buffing up for physique competitions. 

He was happy to snag the commercial for Zaxby's, the Athens-based fast food chain with 800 locations in 18 states. Via the AJC:

"It’s a creative outlet for me. And the day-to-day stuff in the office can get kind of monotonous," he said. "To get a speaking role so soon is great.” And he enjoys fielding questions from clients who’ve seen the locally-filmed TV spot.

We weren't the only ones to notice. The commercial has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube. Who doesn't love a hunk uniform? They get our attention every time. Just like those bootylicious hotties on MARTA.




Well hello, Dr. Jason.



Did someone ask for scruffy sexy?



How about this crowd pleaser.