Gather up your manly gear and get ready. The military version of ManShaft storms Cockpit on Friday, delivering some gay shock and awe in just the way we like it.

It seems like only yesterday that DJ Diablo Rojo delivered the Lumberjack edition of his popular party with enough flannel, suspenders, trucker caps and longjohns to satiate even the manliest of ManShafters. But he’s back and teasing us above with the tricks he’s got in store for a party to close out May and usher in some manly summer heat. It's just one of The Best Gay Things To Do In Atlanta This Weekend.

And then there’s this teaser:

Expect: Hot men in military gear, flight suits, bulging camo, fatigues, dress blues, furry chests & faces, otters, daddies, bears, cubs a gas mask or two, combat boots and you!