Oh, Tanya Ditty. It took just three minutes to unravel your friendly teacher demeanor and provoke a torrent of reaction from across the country. That’s what happens when your debunked 1990s anti-gay rhetoric meets today’s YouTube age.

The teacher – both in a Cobb County classroom and Roswell Sunday school – was the face of anti-gay opposition on Tuesday during a hearing at the state Capitol in downtown Atlanta. She was the only person of seven who testified against House Bill 630, a proposal that would offer workplace protections to the state’s LGBT employees.

She didn’t waste a word or mince them, either. In three minutes, she pulled out every ignorant stereotype against LGBT people she could, even peppering it with a story of her alleged potty break run-in with a cross-dressing person in a restroom.

Our video (watch below) of her speech went viral with some 7,800 views in two days. Towleroad picked it up, as did the Huffington Post. What followed was dozens of comments on YouTube, Facebook and our original post on Project Q. Most were entertaining and some were biting but they all seemed to be summed up by this one from rg0057:

This nut is a danger to children and should be removed from the classroom.

The reaction against Ditty also helped uncover more instances of her anti-gay bigotry. Turns out, she’s been dishing out hateful words for years, honing her craft as state director of Concerned Women for America of Georgia.

Thanks to our commenters, this is what we’ve learned about Ditty in the last few days.

Her greatest concern? Let’s turn to the November 2002 issue of CWA’s CloseUp newsletter:

There is great concern with the radical homosexual agenda aimed at Georgia, especially in the middle schools where there is a rise in homosexual administrators and counselors. Counselors have a tremendous influence on students—they are sent to talk with them when a disaster occurs or when the students simply need to talk.

She’s crafty, as in building a “cross with internal lights and apertures.” So much so that she filed a patent for the creation in October 2010.

She teaches an intergenerational co-ed Sunday school class at Roswell Street Baptist Church. Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. she gets to spew her anti-gay world view to anyone who bothers to sti through it. Maybe she should get a job at Midway Church, too.

Her junk science knows no limits.

Gay marriage is “counterfeit marriage.”

She doesn’t like Muslims, either.