Take the Q Sex Survey and reveal queer Atlanta’s sensual side

What are your fantasies and fetishes? Are you married and monogamous, single to mingle, poly and pan? All will be exposed in our 2019 look into what makes LGBTQ Atlanta really tick.

The Q Sex Survey online now is 100% anonymous, and we’ll share the results in our August Sex Issue. We’re even offering those who complete the survey and join our mailing list a chance at gift certificates to great queer venues just for participating. No obligation, and no way to link your information to your questionnaire, so you can answer with abandon.

No matter where you identify on the rainbow spectrum, take a few minutes to share your experiences, check out the results in the Aug. 8 print edition of Q magazine, and see where queer Atlanta stands on everything from positions to PrEP, dental dams to lingerie, and way, way beyond.

Here’s the survey, have fun and let us know what you think:

Results will appear in the Aug. 8 print edition of Q magazine.