Gay Atlanta isn't shy about sharing its intimate secrets and when it's time to get down, these boys know how to play, according to the results of a new survey.

David Atlanta's 2016 sex survey yielded a bunch of titillating facts about how gay men in Atlanta spend their sexy time. And the results may have you second-guessing some long-held assumptions about gay Atlanta. 

First let's talk about size, baby. Last year, two-thirds of respondents bragged that their penis is six-to-eight inches long. This year, their members stayed way above average at seven inches. 

That above-average endowment makes a difference to some. More than two-thirds of the survey respondents said they were versatile – either vers tops (31%) or vers bottoms (31%). How accommodating. Total bottoms? 13%. Interestingly enough, that's the same percentage for total tops.

The David survey also makes clear something we've known for quite some time: Gay Atlanta boys are a kinky bunch. Why? Oh you know why. 

But we'll share anyway: The survey shows that gay Atlanta enjoys an underwear fetish, nearly 85% of you like group sex and three-quarters use sex toys. Also, you're not shy about paying for sex. Dirty boys! And we mean that in a good way.

The results get even sluttier. Check them out and see how you measure up.