Gay singer with abs Steve Grand got drunk and hit on a straight guy in his debut "All-American Boy." But with his latest hit "Stay," he strikes a note pitch perfect for his Atlanta Pride appearance next month: Party with friends, find a hottie and get laid.

Grand's sophomore offering dropped on Friday. "Stay" dispenses with the drunken, sulky approach of his July hit and goes festive and fun. That tends to happen when you're sexing up an equally ablicious guy. There's partying with friends, riding with your hands in the air in an open air vehicle and getting sexier while getting wet. But where "All-American Guy" chronicled Grand's drunken efforts to turn a bromance into a romance, "Stay" finds Grand in the throes of a romantic conquest with a willing partner. (No word yet on whether this one does porn like the last one. NSFW)

He is pouty no more.

Better yet, Grand tries to convince his Mr. Right Now to stay awhile since dad is out of town for a couple of days. "Be my lover," indeed. Let me "show you how us Midwest boys like to party." Oh, yes.

Stay with me, we don't never have to leave
You my southern king, we live it for the daydreams
So don't get mad—what's past is in the past
And we can make this last
if you just give me that chance
So when my old man's out of town but a couple days
I think that you should...

"Stay" ends in an orgy of shirtless guys throwing water balloons and body painting, an open-shirted Grand crowd surfing his friends. Perfect. Pride. Anthem.