When it’s not serving must-have gay nightlife info or looking in on Atlanta's group sex and eager bottoms, David Atlanta likes its local guys as much as any red-blooded gay Atlanta man. Now you can vote on them.

The magazine’s annual Men of David contest returns with local lads galore for you to shamelessly peruse and vote on. And just like last year, your 2015 online votes will narrow down the list to a pageant-ready set who will work their looks on stage to collect charity tips for the win

A few of the 2015 nominees we know, and a few we’d like to get to know a whole hell of a lot better. You will too. Dive into our sneak peek at a few favorites from this year’s stable of studs below, then go check out the whole crop of cuties up for grabs. Voting is open through April 15, and proceeds benefit AID Atlanta.


Austin C. Wilson




Bobby Hamill


One of last year’s guys is back this year. And little wonder. When he’s not taking your breath away with that body, the BJ Roosters owner is throwing epic theme parties at his go-go bar.



Daniel Valentine




David Joseph Tillman




Gregory Thompson




James Keaton Maxwell


Looks like he didn’t give up on Midtown after all.



Jon Garcia




Jordan-William Oliver Snead




Keith Austin


This operating partner (left) is one of two studs who run Radial Café.



Keith Walker




Korey Austin




Logan Mann




Wanderson Berman


We’ve loved Wanderson’s endless stream of sexy selfies for years. He even made the finals to be the next Grindr Guy.



William Treadwell