You know these guys and their penchant for getting shirtless at a gay party with a purpose. Now Calisto Harvalias brings the Smirnoff studs together as an Atlanta Santa Speedo Run team and flaunted their assets on Sunday to benefit the charity event.

The guys will be wearing even less as the Dec. 8 annual event races half naked through Midtown (photos) to benefit Cure Childhood Cancer. But before then, the team is raising donations the best, chest-exposing way they know how. And Sunday’s Smirnoff Studs Santa Speedo Party at Blake’s was born.

Harvalias (top photo, center, with just two of his teammates) knows how to increase attendance and amplify the giving. Cocktails, naturally, but there was a buffet too. The event also took advantage of the bar’s Madonna ticket giveaway, and of course the Smirnoff studs encouraged extra donations and second glances with those hot bodies of theirs.

You can still donate online to the Calisto & The Smirnoff Studs team, but not before you check out these great pics of them and their guests.

Photos by Sher Pruitt