PHOTOS & VIDEO | Sharon Needles delights her Atlanta fans

A few hours after a face-to-face meeting with her critics collapsed in anger, drag artist Sharon Needles fired back Wednesday at her Atlanta “haters” to the cheers of a packed crowd at Jungle.

“No one will define my art because the day my art is defined is the day art is dead,” Needles said (video above). “My fucking haters said I would never make it in the pop world and look at the bitch now.”

“I don’t hate minorities, I hate when I lose a fucking nail,” she added.

The comments from Needles came after a tense and emotional meeting with two critics who sought an apology for the performer’s use of racial slurs in autographs and other controversial statements. Needles was conciliatory and apologized three times for hurt feelings but not to the satisfaction of her detractors. The activists stormed out; Needles cried.

About a dozen protesters gathered outside Jungle ahead of her appearance as part of the monthly Fantasy Girls show. After rebuking her critics from the stage, Needles donated $1,000 – in cash – to Lost N Found Youth, a new non-profit that cares for homeless LGBT teens in Atlanta.