Maybe it's best that you not fall asleep after an impromptu sex party at your Buckhead apartment. At least not before you show your Cheshire Bridge tricks the door.

That's the lesson a 28-year-old Atlanta man learned recently waking up one morning after spending a late night with three bros he picked up from a Cheshire Bridge Road porn shop. Things apparently went well before the nap. But trouble arrived after he bedded down at 4 a.m., according to Creative Loafing. That's when the tricks likely swiped his 50-inch TV, laptop, wallet and two money orders. 

Yet the man resisted placing blame where it probably belonged. Via the Loaf's Blotter Diva:

The man said that earlier that day, three men visited him who he didn't know very well: a man who he's known for a month and two other guys whose names he didn't remember. He stated these men frequented a porn shop on Cheshire Bridge Road where they all met. Yet the man told police he was convinced that his new friends were not the ones who robbed him. The man wanted a police report filed in case other suspects emerged.

Just imagine the conversation the next time the victim spots his sticky-fingered tricks in the porn shop. But hey, at least this sex party didn't include a bloody jockstrap. Or Marc Jacobs.

Tricking isn't as safe as it used to be. Whether it's in person or online – we're looking at you Grindr, Tinder, Jack'd and Craigslist – the risks are real.