imageWhile gay Atlanta readies itself for Saturday’s Scissor Sisters concert, we take a break from all other things LGBT to revel in the band’s latest video, “Any Which Way.” Join us, won’t you?

We are consistently blown away by this queer-tastic band, and “Any Which Way” gives us more to love from the latest album “Night Work.” Ringmaster Jake Shears (top photo) and the kids summon their entourage to do what they do best: take us to their very own gays-and-a-girl disco circus.

The video released Aug. 12, just in time to amp up our engines for Saturday’s show at Buckhead Theatre. You could win a pair of tickets to the concert during Friday’s Mary Edith Pitts Show at Burkhart’s.

We jumped all over a review of “Night Work” when it came out, and to our delight around the same time, blogger ElectroQueer accurately described the Sisters and the album thusly:

One big party straight out of the greedy, heady days of excess when you queued outside of Studio 54—desperately doing anything you could to get in—and when you flashed your tits or blew the door whore to get in and made your way down that infamous corridor to the dance-floor filled with hedonism, drugs and judgment and found that beautiful stranger to dance with—the sinfully delightful sounds of “Night Work” was most likely what you heard.

Couldn’t. Agree. More.

Right in line with that summation and just right for our mood, here’s Scissor Sisters’ latest disco orgasm for the eyes and ears. Find a place to crank up the volume.