image“Project Runway’s” Santino made a lasting impression with bizarre fashions and a spot-on impression of Tim Gunn, but filed under “way more disturbing” is his cameo in a new one on us: gay zombie porn.

In Bruce LaBruce’s yet-to-be released “Gay of the Dead 23: L.A. Zombie,” the bisexual Santino (top photo) makes an appearance as an endangered homeless man in a video genre the director calls a natural extension of traditional porn.

“Zombie porn is practical: you can create your own orifice!”

imageYeah, totally creepy. And note that it’s “Number 23.” Apparently, there’s more. Lots more.

You’d think Santino doing any kind of porn would be enough to finish this report. The lack of colorful contestants like him could explain why we’ve said the current season of “Project Runway” is so boring more than once.

But this story just gets weirder.

FashionIndie has some shots from the set that include Santino and out rapper Deadlee, and Fangoria posted several more behind-the-scenes photos.

One comment on Fangoria says the photos are “strangely arousing and repulsive.” We’ll go with the latter. Click the links if you dare; just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

But weird is not new for LaBruce, or the video’s star, Titan Man Francois Sagat (middle photos, before and after Zombie makeup).

We know that Titan videos are more rough and raw than many, and Sagat, he of the head tattoo standing in for hair, is one of the production company’s biggest stars. That said, he also makes a name for himself doing clown porn (bottom photo).

imageMmm hmm. We said clown porn. If you’re curious and prepared for some adults-only material, check out a full photo set of Sagat doing solo clown porn.

And that’s just the tame stuff. A makeshift music video of him and another man teasing us with clown porn-in-the-making to the tune of “Disco Stick” is also available if you just can’t help yourself.

Hey, don’t blame us. We simply couldn’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the first, completely nonsensical trailer to the zombie flick. Fair warning: it’s gory(ish), but press play to let your freak flag fly.