It’s clear we love Atlanta’s gay weather daddy. Now a roundup of media’s most powerful gays reminds us that we're not the only ones crushing on Sam Champion, one of several on the list with Atlanta connections.

Always one for a list, the Advocate put out a long one on out anchors and reporters that it deems the 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media. You’re likely to recognize most of the names, including Champion at No. 23.

Sam Champion 

Anchor and managing editor, the Weather Channel


One of America's favorite forecasters was such a success at “Good Morning America” that he launched his own entry in the morning market at the Weather Channel, where he is also managing editor.

Don’t we know it, what with his Oprah moment, sexy assets, Southern charm, hot talented husband and kick-ass condo.

Also making the cut are some names and faces that gay Atlanta knows all too well. Not-shy Don Lemon (Advocate’s No. 16), his finally-out fellow CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (No. 4) and former Blake’s co-owner and out ESPN magazine writer LZ Granderson (No. 24) each spent a chunk of their formative years in Atlanta.

Based on how many people they reach, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and TMZ’s Harvey Levine tied for first. Champion’s gal pal Robin Roberts came in third. Of course, none of those higher-ranking gays can claim hanging with hottie Mark Ruffalo in Atlanta. Champion can.