imageYou just have to love Ryan Seacrest’s mom.

She just thinks it “takes a little longer” for some, like her son, to find the right woman. Uh, right. Maybe it’s time that they have that little chat when Seacrest returns to Atlanta next week for the family’s holiday tradition.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution caught up with Connie Seacrest this week as her son’s new show—NBC’s “Momma’s Boys”—debuted on Tuesday.

Connie hears from her son frequently by e-mail and talks to him on weekends when she has time. Even when “Idol” is off season, she can listen to him online every morning while he does his Los Angeles morning show or see him at 7 p.m. on E!

“I can keep tabs on him, like if he lets his beard grow too long. You know —- that scruff,” she said.

Naturally, she’d love for Ryan to settle down and find the right girl, but she’s patient. “We all want what’s best for our kids,” she said. “Sometimes it takes longer for some than others. For Ryan, it’s smart he knows what his time frame is. He wouldn’t be the best in relationships until he has more time to be a social person.

“He wants to be successful,” she continued. “I think he’s put blinders on about letting himself fall in love. For now, that’s on the back burner.”

That’s right. Blinders. Back burner. Yeah, right.

Maybe mom ought to revisit her son’s on-air flirting with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. (video)